Challenge: Debra is an Irish charity working to transform the lives of those affected by EB. The problem was the lack of awareness of who Debra was or of EB as a condition. Because of a lack of awareness, Debra was not achieving the support or funding it needed.
Solution: We established a strategy grounded in insights: We worked closely with families and individuals living with EB to ensure we were clear on the real-life challenges people with EB and those caring for them were facing. We developed a powerful proposition “Uniting for change for everyone with skin as fragile as a butterfly wing.“ This inspired our visual strategy, drawing inspiration from the butterfly and all it represents; warmth, hope, fragility and strength. 
Our new brand was grounded in the power of the butterfly and everything it inspires. Brightness and boldness came into play. Softness came through organic shapes and rounded corners.

Created at RichardsDee. 

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